Become a visual marketing expert and use your skills to attract more travelers

We see a lot of marketers treating visuals as an afterthought. They use images in their marketing, but they don't do it strategically — they don't know what works and why.

To be successful, travel and tourism marketers need to prioritize a visual content strategy that influences travelers.

We created this email course to break down exactly how to do that, with examples and tips from some of the best travel and tourism campaigns we've seen.

Sign up now and over the course of 3 weeks and 6 videos, our VP of Marketing, Amrita Gurney, will take you through the essentials of visual marketing and visual influence, and how to use them to attract more travelers.

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Course outline

  • Lesson 1: An Introduction to Visual Influence
  • Lesson 2: The Role of Different Types of Visuals
  • Lesson 3: Sourcing the Right Visuals
  • Lesson 4: Organizing Your Visual Content
  • Lesson 5: Adding Visual Content to Your Marketing Campaigns
  • Lesson 6: Analyzing The Impact of Your Visuals Across Channels

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