Webinar: How Travel South Dakota Measures Web Performance

And tactics for measuring your own

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Learn how to measure your website's performance and capture travelers' attention

Travelers do most of their research online. Is your website doing its job by capturing and keeping their attention?

Join Mike Gussiaas, Director of Global Marketing & Brand Strategy for South Dakota Tourism, as he explores how to measure the performance of your website, from both brand and conversion perspectives.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How a top travel brand approaches website design and sets goals
  • A data-driven approach to choosing the right visuals for your website
  • The KPIs you need to track your website effectively
  • How to optimize your website based on visual metrics

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Watch this webinar

Watch this webinar



Mike Gussiaas
Director of Global Marketing & Brand Strategy, South Dakota Tourism


Julia Manoukian
Senior Content Marketing Manager, Crowdriff