Marsha Walden, CEO of Destination BC

"By partnering with CrowdRiff and featuring this stunning content through the BC Explorer, we are able to take UGC images to a new level and give visitors from around the world the ability to actually book these inspirational places and activities."


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CrowdRifF is A UGC marketing Platform Powering The world's most engaging visuals

Turn Word Of Mouth Into A Scalable Marketing Asset

Easily access the most engaging and relevant user generated content, and start turning word of mouth into a predictable and reliable marketing asset. In fact, 84% of people trust recommendations from friends and family, making word of mouth the most trustworthy marketing channel.

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Improve Website Performance And Conversion Rates With UGC Marketing

Make visitors 4 times more engaged than average, and lower your bounce rates with high-performance user generated content. CrowdRiff seamlessly integrates with your site and takes the guesswork out of your conversion rate optimization by automatically serving the most relevant visuals at all times.

Manage Your Visual Content With Powerful AI

Stop wasting time by manually labeling and categorizing your digital asset library. Whether your niche focuses on a flock of rare birds or a famous landmark, CrowdRiff uses AI to recognize what it’s looking at and labels it accordingly.

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Increase Efficiency And Reduce Costs With Advanced Rights Management

Find the perfect visuals and get the rights to use them with a streamlined permission acquisition process. Customize or automate your requests depending on your needs. Save a massive amount of budget and time by legally acquiring UGC that connects relevant visitors with your offer.

Capture Mobile Only Customers With Built In Optimization

More than half of internet users are primarily accessing the web through a mobile device. CrowdRiff was built from the ground up to be a fast mobile-first experience, so you’ll never have to worry about the nuts and bolts of mobile optimization. Provide the best and most engaging user experience for every type of visitor.

Screenshots of Niagara Falls Canada gallery and Franklin Tennessee gallery on mobile devices
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Connect With Social Media Influencers

Discover the biggest influencers and the most niche micro-influencers in any industry by simply searching for the visuals you need. CrowdRiff makes it easy for organizations to expand their marketing strategies, stretch their budgets, and leverage the broad reach of content creators that visitors are already familiar with.

CrowdRiff Has Helped 300+ BRANDS Grow

Wes Rhea, CEO of Visit Stockton

“CrowdRiff continues to innovate its product, and that's the kind of organization we want to do business with.”


Ryan Dodge, Digital Engagement Coordinator at the ROM

“Over the last year using CrowdRiff it’s been really easy to show the power of earned media and UGC. We no longer tell people that we are cool, people are doing it for us.”


Logan Hildebrand, Digital Media Manager, Kansas Tourism

“I can't stress enough the amount of time it saves, and the amount of opportunity it gives us.”


Showing The World What Matters

Whether you’re a destination marketing organization looking for inspiring tourism photos, or a publisher breaking a story, powerful visuals connect you with your audience and are more memorable than any other medium. CrowdRiff exists to help you create that connection. We’re proud to be working with over 300 organizations of all sizes, and we’re always finding new ways of connecting brands with audiences through user generated content.

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