Live Q&A: 2021 Instagram Trends for DMOs: Guides, Reels, and More

February 24, 2021 | 3:00pm EST

Looking to Make Your DMO's Instagram Stand Out This Year?

Since COVID-19, creativity on Instagram has exploded. 

Not only are travelers and locals using social media in different ways, platforms like Instagram have created new features to help people stay connected, informed, and entertained. Guides and Reels are particularly relevant to destination marketers. 

In this live Q&A, you’ll hear from two DMOs that are using these formats to drive engagement, and capture the attention of locals and travelers.

We'll cover:

  • The value of Instagram Guides and Reels for your DMO
  • How to use Guides and Reels to grab traveler attention and drive interest to your partners
  • New ways to source content for Guides, Reels, and more


Camila Carvalho

Camila Carvalho

Social Media Senior Manager

Experience Kissimmee

Courtney Manson

Courtney Manson

Social Media & Consumer Marketing Specialist

Travel Alberta

Julia Manoukian

Julia Manoukian

Sr. Content Marketing Manager


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