Make Your Website the Go-To Resource for Your Destination's Travelers

When travelers are booking a trip, they have so many options for where to get inspiration, ideas, and tips. Social media networks, blogs, review sites, and DMO websites are all competing with each other for travelers’ attention throughout the trip planning process.

As a DMO, you have a special advantage over these other resources; you live and breathe the destination every single day! You know what your destination has to offer different types of travelers, and you’re well versed on the hidden gems.

In this 6-part video series, CrowdRiff’s VP of Marketing, Amrita Gurney, talks about the challenges that many DMO websites are currently facing, and how they can be tackled by approaching your site’s content creation with an insider’s lens.

Each video will focus on one tactic, and provide several examples of DMOs who are doing it well. These tactics include providing a great first impression, highlighting locals, thinking like a publisher, and more.

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Video Series Outline

  • Part 1: How Travelers Plan Their Trips, and Where DMO Websites Fall Short Today
  • Part 2: Providing a Great First Impression
  • Part 3: Navigation and User Experience
  • Part 4: Highlighting Locals
  • Part 5: Thinking Like a Publisher
  • Part 6: Summary and Tips for Making Your Website an Insider’s Guide

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