The Complete Guide to User-Generated Content for Resorts & Hotels

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Guests post pictures of their stay every day - Learn how to use them to drive more bookings

Resort and hotel guests are constantly taking and sharing photos and videos that showcase how much they're enjoying their stay.

2 out of 3 consumers trust the opinion of other people online, and 83% trust the opinion of people they know. So showing prospective guests the luxury and enjoyment that real people are experiencing at your property can have a big impact on bookings.

In this eBook, we share tactical ways you can incorporate user-generated content in your marketing, with innovative ideas and examples from resorts and hotels around the world.

Learn how user-generated content can help you:

  • Get the attention of and engage prospective guests
  • Authentically showcase your property and the experiences you offer
  • Freshen up your website and marketing materials
  • Take your marketing to the next level and fuel original and creative marketing campaigns

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Download the eBook for free