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Hey DMO, get inspired for your next marketing campaign!

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In this eBook we’ve rounded up 10 of the best campaigns we've seen from destination marketing organizations in the last year.

All of the DMOs featured have budgets under $5 million (and some less than $1 million), and their work showcases the many creative possibilities for creating compelling campaigns that are cost-effective.

Whether it’s interactive maps or instagrammable heart-shaped sculptures, the campaigns we highlight give you a taste of what’s worked well for your peers, and what can be achieved with some imagination, grit, and a sense of adventure.

We hope they inspire you to think outside the box and empower you to keep trying different strategies and platforms, and exploring new frontiers just like your visitors!

Download this eBook for:

  • 10 of the most unique marketing campaigns we've seen from destination marketing organizations recently

  • Ways destination marketers can get creative on a smaller budget

  • Ideas for compelling tourism campaigns that attract visitors

Level-up your next campaign with inspiration from other destination marketing teams!

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