The Ultimate Guide to UGC for Travel & Tourism Brands

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There's no better way to tell your destination's authentic story than with user-generated content. 

Today's visitor craves an authentic experience, so it's little wonder why user-generated visuals carry more influence over a traveler’s decisions than any other content type. 

In this eBook, we share tips on how your destination can put UGC to work as part of a successful marketing strategy, and practical advice on acquiring the rights to UGC.

Get ready to find out: 

  • 😊 What UGC is and the best ways to use it
  • 🧐 How to get rights to images and videos
  • 👍 Best practices for using UGC in your campaigns
  • 💪 How CrowdRiff does all the heavy lifting for you

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CrowdRiff is trusted by leading travel and tourism brands worldwide, including:

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